Tell Your Story

We want your story on our site! SPEAK is our new project that allows victims of Huntington’s Disease and mental illnesses to share their stories with the world so that their voices may be heard. This is your chance to be a part of something big. This is your chance to be the voice for the voiceless…to spill your soul in a totally judge-free environment.

You can post anonymously or just as you are.

In the spirit of Christmas, CTC is hosting Ten Days of Remembrance to honor the lives that were stolen by Huntington’s Disease. This season, we will remember them through your stories.

Feel free to post about other topics, too.

We can’t wait to hear your stories! Much love.



In Loving Memory of Rosaria Emerick

By MaryAnn Emerick

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In Loving Memory of Lisa Mannone

By Jenna and Gia Mannone

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In Loving Memory of Janet Howard

By John Howard

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By Daniel Garcia

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By Michael Quijano

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By David Cuthbertson

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