• Huntingtons Disease
  • No Name: Chapter One

    I’ve been trying to find a name for myself, and it seems that the further I dig into “who I really am,” the more unfamiliar I become, failing to even recognize my own image in the quick passing of a reflection. Ironically, most of this extra downtime has been spent on an almost (if not wholly) narcissistic […]

  • Huntingtons Disease
  • Dear Congress

    By Melissa Fern Dear Congress, On a Saturday night, with college parties erupting all around my apartment complex, I have decided to write to you. Instead of searching graduate programs at universities I’m interested in, instead of grabbing drinks with a friend after a long day at work, instead of inviting friends over for a movie… […]

  • Huntington's Disease Society of America
  • A Bond That Does Not Break

    When people use the phrase, “I am HD strong,” one usually thinks that they are referring to the strength that comes from having or dealing with Huntington’s Disease. Though they are not wrong, they are not completely right, either. This past week, the Huntington’s Disease Society of America held their 31st convention in Baltimore, Maryland. […]

  • Huntingtons Disease
  • My Red Letter

    To The United States: There are diseases out there that start with the mind, decaying and rotting the parts of the brain that allow the body to emotionally function. Just because people can’t physically see the disease doesn’t mean that it isn’t there. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect the way a person is […]