• Huntingtons Disease
  • My Deceleration of Dependence

    I’ve always lived by the phrase, “Modest it hottest,” yet a this is a picture of me: naked, vulnerable, and dependent. Anyone who is close to me knows that I am terribly prideful. I don’t want anyone’s help. I can do everything on my own. I might be sick, but I’ll be damned if anyone I love has […]

  • Huntingtons Disease
  • A Tribute to the 12 Days of NYA

    The Huntington’s Disease Society of America is raising awareness and scholarships for the youth who are affected by this terminal illness. I am fighting for my sister. I am fighting for my mother. I am fighting for my HD family who has loved me through all of my pain. Anything you can offer is greatly […]

  • Huntingtons Disease
  • Dear Congress

    By Melissa Fern Dear Congress, On a Saturday night, with college parties erupting all around my apartment complex, I have decided to write to you. Instead of searching graduate programs at universities I’m interested in, instead of grabbing drinks with a friend after a long day at work, instead of inviting friends over for a movie… […]

  • Mental Illness
  • Cure For Paranoia: Creating a Cure for Mental Illness Without the Prescription

    Ya’ll, this had to be the most fun interview I’ve ever done. This 70’s inspired hip hop/rap band is taking Dallas by storm, bringing along with them a cure for mental illness without the prescription. The lead singer, Cameron McCloud (formerly known as That Kid Cam) was recently diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia, but instead of […]

  • love
  • My 21st: A Letter From My Mama

    By Melissa Fern 6.30.16. “Dear Daughter, 21. Wow. Now, there’s a number to celebrate. How can it be that the little girl who  Filled the fish tank with Cheerios, just to see if they’d float there too… Woke Pam up at 3 a.m., just to see if Preston could play… Wore shin guards as armor & strapped a […]

  • Strength
  • Rising Above It

    By Leah Barker I apologize for the poor grammar; I needed to get this off of my chest on a time-crunch before work! I suppose I should start off by clarifying exactly what “It” is: Hate. Cruel Words. Mocking. Carelessness. Hostility. Insults. Ect… I’m writing this post in retrospect after I received a very hurtful […]

  • Mental Illness
  • Why Mental Illnesses Should be Treated as Seriously as Physical Illnesses

    A day in the life of someone who suffers from a mental illness: July 22, 2016 My first trip to the emergency room for anxiety. Alarm goes off I literally can’t get out of bed today. I have to get out of bed today. If I lay here and do nothing, then I’m wasting all of […]

  • Huntingtons Disease
  • Important Update (And an Unoriginal Hipster Photo)

    Hi lovelies! I updated my blog. Take a look! 🙂 I have a goal of reaching 1,000 likes by the end of the month! Not just for the publicity…actually not for that at all, but so that I can bring more awareness and hope for people suffering from terminal/mental illnesses! This is my passion. The […]