• Huntingtons Disease
  • My Deceleration of Dependence

    I’ve always lived by the phrase, “Modest it hottest,” yet a this is a picture of me: naked, vulnerable, and dependent. Anyone who is close to me knows that I am terribly prideful. I don’t want anyone’s help. I can do everything on my own. I might be sick, but I’ll be damned if anyone I love has […]

  • Lessons
  • The Sparrow and the Bees

    By Kailey LeBlanc She was just a young bird with bees in her brain. I know it’s an unlovable image, but hear me out. For a time, many years ago, she soared brilliantly through sun-soaked skies, blissfully in tune with the songs of her Creator. In these days, the warmth of tomorrow’s promises lifted her […]

  • Huntingtons Disease
  • Testing

    It’s raining today. Normally I would love the rain, but today it’s only in my head. The skies are clear and the sun is peeking out through patterned, white clouds over a perfect 75 degree morning. I can’t see it today though. Instead, I’m racing through the puddles in my mind while the rain keeps pouring, beating down hard […]