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  • In Loving Memory: Janet Howard

    In the spirit of Christmas, CTC is dedicating ten days to honor and remember those who cannot be with us this season. In Loving Memory of Janet Howard By John Howard I REMEMBER Realize I may have been given a gift My words to express emotions I feel beyond this tight lip Better left unsaid, […]

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  • A 24-year-old’s Guide to a Midlife Crisis

    I wasn’t always scared of growing older. I wasn’t always afraid of the term “Death.” When I was a girl, the progression of time never fazed me. I had never lost a loved one or experienced the process of grieving. I just always assumed that my family and friends would be with me forever. And then suddenly, […]

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  • A Tribute to the 12 Days of NYA

    The Huntington’s Disease Society of America is raising awareness and scholarships for the youth who are affected by this terminal illness. I am fighting for my sister. I am fighting for my mother. I am fighting for my HD family who has loved me through all of my pain. Anything you can offer is greatly […]

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  • Twenty-Three Going on Seventy

    I’m 23-years-old. Twenty. Three. Well, 24 in two weeks. I’m a full-grown adult sitting inside of the sink in front of my bathroom mirror, begging it to stop watching me. I keep the reflection foggy so that they can’t see me, and I keep my mouth sealed tight so they can’t hear my thoughts. I’m […]

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  • My Huntington’s Disease Story

     Seth Rotberg For years, Seth has made a huge impact on the lives of young people who are affected by Huntington’s Disease. It all began during his sophomore year of college when only he started a 3-on-3 basketball charity event that brought in $10 thousand for HD in a matter of three years, all while he was still […]

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  • Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization Camp: Therapy Through Unity

    The Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization is a group that has successfully created a safe place for young people to learn and grow together through their connections with HD. The camp allows youth from across the country to come together and create life-long bonds, leaving with the knowledge that they have an endless amount of support and love whenever they […]

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  • Dear Congress

    By Melissa Fern Dear Congress, On a Saturday night, with college parties erupting all around my apartment complex, I have decided to write to you. Instead of searching graduate programs at universities I’m interested in, instead of grabbing drinks with a friend after a long day at work, instead of inviting friends over for a movie… […]

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  • Important Update (And an Unoriginal Hipster Photo)

    Hi lovelies! I updated my blog. Take a look! 🙂 I have a goal of reaching 1,000 likes by the end of the month! Not just for the publicity…actually not for that at all, but so that I can bring more awareness and hope for people suffering from terminal/mental illnesses! This is my passion. The […]