In Loving Memory: Lisa Mannone

In the spirit of Christmas, CTC is dedicating ten days to honor and remember those who cannot be with us this season.


In Loving Memory of Lisa MannoneĀ 

By Jenna and Gia Mannone

Read in piece to our beautiful, amazing mother. You fought so hard and in reality, Huntington’s Disease DID NOT WIN. You won. You really beat this disease so hard. You inspire us so much. You’re our world. You we’re in no way a burden to this family; you were the best thing to ever happen to us, disease or not. We love you more than words can express and we will miss you for all eternity. Watch over us like I know you will, guide us through life. You will always be the “Queen Bitch,” and the cutest damn lady. We will love you forever. Rest easy, best friend.

April 24, 1964-March 20, 2016

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