My Mom, My Hero, My Everything

I found this old article in my phone. I cry every time I read it. My mom is my hero.

This is a picture of my mom when she was 19, which is how old I am now. I’m sure she would have never even imagined what life would be like after she had me and my sister. We’ve been through a lot, more than your average family. I heard her cry when she and my dad got divorced, and yet she managed to keep a smile on her face for me. We went without. We were completely broke, but I had no idea because she was always taking my sister and I to feed the ducks, or on animal-rescue adventures in the woods. She spoiled us with what little money she did have, and I know I was ungrateful at the time because that’s what I expected.

One Christmas, when money seemed especially tight, my mom gave me the best give that I can remember. I was around 9 years old, and I was obsessed with fairies at the time. My mom had been making my sister and I go to bed an hour early so she could work on our “special surprise.” I was so excited for Christmas to come around, and when it finally did, I could hardly sleep. When it was finally time to open our presents, we rushed into the living room to find the most beautiful, intricate fairy-topia. It was made out of a log stump, and glued to the top was a hand-made stick house, with stick chairs, a stick table, and little “bedrooms” with leaves glued to them. The branches extended to another tiny stick room from which a swing hung. On the ground, there was a glass pond with little ducks in it, and a hand-made hammock right next to it. There was even a little box with “fairy dust” inside.

My heart broke in that moment. None of my friend’s moms had ever done anything like this for them. And it was so beautiful. You could tell that she had worked so hard, paying attention to every little detail, losing sleep so that I could have a big present on Christmas. It was amazing, to say the least. Not only the exquisiteness of what she had made, but the act in itself. I played with it until the glue wore off from the little stick branches.

Since then my mom has continued to amaze me with her love and kindness. She has literally gone through hell and back for me and my sister, and although I don’t always show it, I appreciate every little thing she does for me. I have THE MOST amazing mom in the world. She has put up me for 19 years, and that in itself is an extreme accomplishment.

Mom, I love you more than you will ever know. Every day is a blessing because I get to hold on to you for a little bit longer, and I thank God for that.

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