• Mental Illness
  • Why Mental Illnesses Should be Treated as Seriously as Physical Illnesses

    A day in the life of someone who suffers from a mental illness: July 22, 2016 My first trip to the emergency room for anxiety. Alarm goes off I literally can’t get out of bed today. I have to get out of bed today. If I lay here and do nothing, then I’m wasting all of […]

  • Huntingtons Disease
  • Important Update (And an Unoriginal Hipster Photo)

    Hi lovelies! I updated my blog. Take a look! 🙂 I have a goal of reaching 1,000 likes by the end of the month! Not just for the publicity…actually not for that at all, but so that I can bring more awareness and hope for people suffering from terminal/mental illnesses! This is my passion. The […]