I’m watching the sunset, bare back pressed to the pavement.
It’s always been my favorite time of day, and in the morning, I crave it.
Another day has been finished;
another strife has been conquered
And watching my sunset brings me truth:
I’ve grown stronger.
Half the sky battles itself as a roaring red hue
While the other emerges victorious in a deep, dark blue.
Unknowing if my pupils dilate in attempt to capture fading light
Or if pure pleasure widens them as the sun sinks into night.
The air smells of an earth that’s had its fill of sun and day
As Mother Nature puts to rest her young in form of shadow play.
The world is round, as some might say, but since my fairytales,
I know the earth drops off the ledge where the sun leaves its last trail.
Someday I’ll go and leave my home to follow where it leads
And when I finally reach the edge, I’ll live inside sunbeams.
I never knew my stomach made its home inside my eyes
Until I felt them hunger for light that only satisfies the skies.
I am jealous for her beauty, for her wonder, and her hue
Someday I will be a part of it as something beautiful and new.


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